This Old Band performs live at the Temescal Farmers’ Market
Oakland, California
Sunday December 24th, 2023

The performance begins roughly 9 am and will continue through out the period of the market until 1 pm.

The market is located 5300 Claremont Avenue in Oakland, California, 94618 (DMV parking lot). Free Parking is available in the adjacent lot.
Bathrooms across the street at the Columbo Club are available.

Christmas Eve 2023 - Temescal Oakland - This Old Band
Christmas Eve 2023 – Joe & Bill – This Old Band
face painting

For more information:
Urban Village – Temescal Farmers’ Market

Shops in and Around the Temescal Market

Columbo Club
Alem’s Coffee
Whole Foods

Support Small Organic Farms
Flowers - Temescal Farmers' Market
This Old Band - Temescal, Oakland, Ca 11-5-2023
Temescal, Oakland California 11-5-2023
Chilling - Temescal Famers' Market 11-5-2023
Vegetable Stand - Temescal Farmers' Market
Teescal Farmers' Market 11-5-2023
Avocado Fed Pork - Temescal
Summer Solace - Temescal Farmers' Market 11-5-2023
Joe & Bill performing at Temescal June 2018
joe & bill – temescal june 2018
fresh peppers - Temescal Farmers' Market 11-5-2023
Lunch time  - Temescal Farmers' Market - 11-5-2023